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Animal Aromatics

Animal Aromatics

Animal aromatics practitioners use professional knowledge of aromatic plant extracts and their therapeutic values to help owners work with their animals to maintain naturally the health they would have enjoyed in the wild.

Most plants contain secondary metabolites which are non food compounds that often have therapeutic values.

In the wild animals would naturally self select plants containing the compounds they require for their own medicinal needs. However, with domestication it is seldom possible to allow our animals to roam and select from hedgerows and fields thus reducing their ability to maintain their own health naturally.

Essential oils are concentrated, volatile extracts from the fruits, roots, seeds, gums and herbs of aromatic plants and trees. They are very complex, containing hundreds of different chemical constituents. It is these properties that help to restore balance and promote physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Natura Products Ltd always recommend you talk to a Qualified Animal Aromatic Practitioner, a list of these can be found on our Practitioners page.