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How to Order and Pay

How to Order and Pay

This simple process can be used as follows:

Step 1

Browse our catalogue by selecting the kind of products you would like by selecting from the category list. Select your category. The list of products in the category will be displayed in a new page and you can begin to fill your shopping basket that can be seen to the right of the product list.

When you see an item you want to buy click on the "Add item" button. This will add the item to your shopping basket. Please add as many of the same item as you require by repeatedly clicking on the "Add to Cart" button, or increase the quantity in the basket or selecting a different quantity number.

For your convenience your current order total is shown on the right hand side of the screen so that you can click on "View Cart" and see the contents of your shopping basket at any given time while ordering.

At any time while shopping you may remove an item from your shopping basket displayed on the left of your screen by typing 0 (zero) into the quantity. Continue this process until you have bought all the products you would like.

Step 2

Now you may pay for your products in your shopping basket. You do this by clicking on the "View Cart" option button and then selecting "Checkout". You will then be taken through to a new page where you can choose from the following payment methods.

They are as follows:

See below for further details on each payment method

If you would like to pay using a credit or debit card we provide this through our PayPal payment service provider. Your payment selection will take you to their facility and they will guide you through making a credit or debit card payment. NOTE - You do not need to be a PayPal account holder to make use of their payment facility.

PayPal Account

If you would like to pay using your PayPal account you will automatically be taken to the PayPal payment facility which you will be familiar with.

Step 3

Your payment process is now completed. You will then be directed to a thank you and confirmation page.

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