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Professional & Animal Aromatics

Professional & Animal Aromatics

There are a number of uses for essential oils.

For the first five industries there is generally a different priority and interest in the oils. Often its only one constituent, or else consistency that is required. For some applications nature identical essential oils are all that are asked for. For those who are pioneering natural and organic products in these arenas Florial oils provide an organic and quality option.

For aromatherapy there is usually a different interest in the oils. We are interested in the unique therapeutic qualities of the plant oils. It is this market that Florial's oils are well suited to. Many oils in the industry are labelled pure and natural, which can be to indicate that no synthetic materials are added. This does not mean that they are authentic and unaltered.

We provide the information necessary to uniquely identify each oil. As the oils are unaltered, there are variances between batches due to differences in harvests. This is due to climatic and local conditions. It is also the diversity of nature that provides the unique complexity of the oils, which can be so therapeutic. We will provide gas chromatograph profiles of an oil on request. These are related to each batch for each oil. Organically produced oils are proving to provide oils of exceptional quality. By using organic oils you are also supporting the future of our planet.

What makes these oils so special?

Newly designed and innovative technology has been used to produce Florial oils at a lower temperature and lower pressure, than is traditionally used in steam distillation.

No excessive heat has been applied to the plant matter, and as a result there is little or no change to the aromatic molecules. This works exceptionally well providing a very good yield and superior end product.

The water source used for distillation is from an artesian basin high in the mountains where the distillery is based on an organic farm.

The water is heated indirectly so it does not come into contact with the metal of the boiler and remains pure and contaminant free.

No chemicals or detergents are used to clean the stills. All cleaning is done using steam.

You are left with the overall impression that the distillery has been designed to work with nature, rather than to industrialise production. In Europe Florial has to maintain the highest standards for their oils as they are used for phyto-aromatherapy by doctors, pharmacists, nurses, massage therapists and also in cosmetic products.

Florial products are validated by ECOCERT FRANCE, an independent inspection body for organic agriculture. ECOCERT carries out random GLC testing in order to detect traces of agrochemicals and signs of adulteration. Because of the clinical use of essential oils in Europe the controls are stringent.

Note that Florial's oils are sold in grams. There is on average 20% more in a gram than a millilitre, depending on the density of the oil.

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