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About Us

Natura Products philosophy is inspired by the healing and well-being that nature has to offer in all her abundance in the plant kingdom. Our range of organic essential oils and organic herbs, plant oils and related products are carefully sourced for sustainability.

In order to bring you a wide selection of quality oils and herbs we have included non organic oils and herbs where no suitable alternative is available, e.g. the essential oil absolutes. You can use these wonderful oils and herbs from nature with confidence in your practice, research, shop or at home to pamper yourself. Don't forget our animal friends, if you are using herbal supplements, essential oils, or herbal remedies, these will be more effective if they are organically grown and of the best quality.

Purchasing is easy using our online shop, where you can either send us an email or printed order. You are also welcome to give us a call on 01234 912030 or email  We are happy to discuss any of our essential oils, herbs and products and how best we can assist you. We aim to provide a high standard of 'one-to-one' customer service.

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We hope you enjoy nature's bounty!